Unfortunately on March 31, 2015 The Tranquil Garden was unexpectantly shut down.  Due to the circumstances that occurred at that time we are no longer in business, have no access to our client database or files in order to contact anyone outside of Facebook or this webpage.  We thank all of you who supported us over the last 6 years and apologize to each of you to whom this is an inconvenience.

June 2015 ~ UPDATE:

The business Skin & Body at Tranquil Garden, operating as Tranquil Garden is officially NO LONGER in business. It has taken a couple of months (April – June) to get to this final point. Unfortunately, the financial and emotional burdens were too high to salvage and/or continue operating. Each of the independent contractors from Tranquil Garden have gone off to new ventures; if you wish to find them we suggest Facebook. If they are in business they should have a page.

If you have Zen Points – thank you so much for your patience. It has been greatly appreciated. Events and Workshops will resume in the Oshawa/Whitby area with many of the independent service providers that offered programs at Tranquil Garden. There may or may not be multiple locations; however, Your ZEN points will be honored and will not expire. Once all planning is complete an email will be sent to you with your point balance and a calendar of events. So stay tuned!

If YOU have a gift certificate please know that there is NO WAY of contacting you or finding out who you are unless you step forward. The best way is via email to Team@TranquilGarden.ca. (email will continue to operate until December 2015). Before you do email, please know that there are ONLY two options for you at this point. We apologize that if neither is exactly what the purchaser had in mind please know that we are doing the best that we possibly can.

Option 1:
You can use the full value of your gift certificate for any service or event that Traci Trimble (Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Self Awareness Workshop Facilitator ) offers. Unfortunately she does not do Spa Treatments. Gift Certificates that expired May – Sept will be honoured. This offer is ONLY available between September to December, 2015. Please see http://www.TraciTrimble.ca for details of available services.

Option 2:
Seek legal action through the court system against Tranquil Garden formerly at 850 King St W Unit 8 Oshawa ON Canada.


To Whom it May Concern

For those who choose to be cruel and cannot find compassion in a horrible situation that abruptly ended 6 years of sweat, tears, joy and love – we sincerely apologize if we unintentionally caused harm to you. For you this was a just a service; for many of us it was our home, our family and our livelihood. And now, it is over. Please just let it be over.

For those who have provided unwavering support over the last 6 years ~ YOU are the reason this wellness community was so vibrant and valuable to the Durham Region. We thank you for your business and friendship. Please know that each of the amazing women that worked at Tranquil Garden have gone off on their own. They still have incredible things to offer to you ~ body, mind & spirit. Please seek them out!


The Team at Tranquil Garden